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Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) by G. Roland Smith

G. Roland Smith. After three years at the Southend School of Art in the 1940s, G Roland Smith was conscripted into the RAF where he made anatomical models and illustrations. He then became a schoolmaster, and has continued teaching ever since, combining this with a freelance commercial practice, mostly designing educational aids and publications. His more original works were exhibited in several London galleries and published by Athena Reproductions. He has written books on crafts and on religion. He is a member of the Chartered Society of Designers and an associate of the College of Preceptors.

The exhibition was first displayed at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire, in July 2010. All the pictures and text are © 2010 The General Conference of the New Church.

source: http://www.apocalypse-of-john.org.uk/

Christ Manifesting 1:1-20
01 G. Roland Smith - Christ Manifesting.jpg

Seven Churches
02 Seven Churches - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Christ Knocking 3:20
03 Christ Knocking - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Throne in Heaven

04 Throne in Heaven - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Lamb Opening Seven Seals 5-6:1
05 Lamb Opening Seven Seals -  G. Roland Smith.jpg
Four Horsemen
06 Four Horsemen - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Souls under the Altar 6:9-11;20:4
07 Souls under the Altar - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Great Earthquake 6:12-17
08 Great Earthquake - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Sounding Seven Trumpets 8:2-6
09 Sounding Seven Trumpets  - G. Roland Smith.jpg
Locusts from the Abyss 9:1-12
10 Locusts from the Abyss - G. Roland Smith.jpg

John Eating the Little Scroll 10:1-2,8-10
11 John Eating the Little Scroll - Christ Manifesting.jpg

Two Witnesses 11
12 Two Witnesses - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Sun-Woman Giving Birth 12:1-6

13 Sun-Woman-Giving-Birth - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Michael Defeating the Dragon 12:7-9
14 Michael Defeating the Dragon - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Harvesting the Grapes 14:14-20
15 Harvesting the Grapes - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Song of the Lamb 15
16 G. Roland Smith - Song of the Lamb.jpg

Seven Bowls of Wrath 16
17 G. Roland Smith - Seven Bowls of Wrath.jpg

Scarlet Woman 17
18 G. Roland Smith - Scarlet Woman.jpg

Fall of Babylon 18:1-2,10-24
19 G. Roland Smith - Fall of Babylon.jpg

Rider on a White Horse 19:11-16

Christ Manifesting 1:1-20

20 G. Roland Smith - Rider on a White Horse.jpg

Soul Judgment 20:1-3,11-15
21 Soul Judgment - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Holy City as a Bride 21:2
22 Holy City as a Bride - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Guiding Angel 21:9;22:1-2
23 Guiding Angel - G. Roland Smith.jpg

"Worship God" 22:8-9
24 Worship God - G. Roland Smith.jpg

Four-Square City 21 and 22
25 Four-Square City - G. Roland Smith.jpg
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