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Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) by Rodney Matthews

Rodney Matthews is a British illustrator and conceptual designer of fantasy and science fiction.
Matthews has painted over 130 subjects for record album covers, for many rock and progressive rock bands (Nazareth, Scorpions, Uriah Heep, The Rolling Stones, etc).
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The Throne in Heaven
Rodney Matthews - Throne in Heaven.jpg

At the breaking of the Seals
Rodney Matthews - All the Breaking of seals.jpg
Rodney Matthews - Les 4 cavaliers de l'apocalypse.jpg

A Voice like thunder
Rodney Matthews - A Voice Like Thunde.jpg

The Second Sounding
Rodney Matthews - The Second Sounding.jpg

Out of the pit
Rodney Matthews - Out of the pit.jpg

Two hundred million
Rodney Matthews - Two hundred million.jpg

A Woman clothed with the Sun
Rodney Matthews - Woman and Dragon.jpg

The Beast out of the Sea
Rodney Matthews - The Beast out of the Sea.jpg

Fall Babylon Fall
Rodney Matthews - Fall Babylon Fall.jpg

Into the abyss
Rodney Matthews - Into the abyss.jpg

Fallen from Heaven
Rodney Matthews - Fallen from Heaven.jpg

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